The world is wide.

Swim it.

Ride it.

Run it.


About me

Athlete. Coach. Musician. And back again...

My name is Fabian Kremser. I was born on January 8th in Winterthur, Switzerland. In 2001, endurance sports came into my life in the form of triathlon which soon after became also my profession. As athlete as well as as coach I was allowed to live every facette of this sport on a daily basis. 

After founding my own coaching-company, the Tricademy - School of Movement, there came a time in which the theoretical part of the sport dominated over the practical one. However, after a few years, I realized that I wasn't done yet. Thus began my journey with the goal to compete once again as a professional athlete in an Ironman race. 

They road leading there is a long one and won't be easy to go, but I am looking forward to ever meter, always following my motto:

The world is wide. Swim it. Ride it. Run it. 

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