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Reverse Procrastination

"Procrastination is a pathological disorder which is marked by unnecessary delay of beginning a task or by interrupting it so it can only be finished under pressure - or not at all."

At least, that's one definition of something many of us do knowingly, unknowingly or instinctively. How come? Are we just too comfortable to take care of things that are perhaps a bit inconvenient to us? Would we rather spend our time otherwise? Time... here we go again. Or is it a protective measure of our subconscious, a warning that something is off?

I don't have an answer to that. All I know is that I can be a true master at it. But what is reverse procrastination?

On could think that this would mean that everything got done instantly and faster and finished earlier than necessary, but that's not the case - the term for that would be PREcrastination.

Reverse procrastination means that one postpones or delays things which aren't tasks or duties that come from outside, but necessities to one's very self in what is mistakenly seen as an attempt to regain control over one's own time.

An example.

Who has caught themselves going to bed one evening with the very good intention to actually sleep a full 8 hours that night, get up on time the next day and start with full swing? Only to be kept awake by the television, the phone, the laptop or the tablet, passively bedewing the mind with some unnecessary crap? Or to tell themselves that there were just some things that HAD to be done now, for example those three WhatsApp-messages, that one Instagram-post (which took 45 minutes) and those seven Facebook comments?

This is a behaviour which many describe, however fail to classify. In the end, it's nothing less than the fact that our everyday lives apparently aren't fulfilling enough to just switch off in the evening with a good feeling, fall asleep and then start over. Instead, we need "just a bit of time for ourselves" - and we spend it either with completely numbing ourselves emotionally by the consume of some television series, or with look at the seemingly perfect life of others and wishing it was ours...

Reverse procrastination is nothing but the desperate attempt to gain a few self-controlled hours of our days.

I know very well how fast I can fall in such patterns and I wish to change something. Is anyone with me?




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